‘Press Play’


Named after the North’s pioneers in electronica (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) Manoeuvres bar is not just a hotel bar, it’s a hub for music, great drinks and a place where the people of Mathew Street come to Press Play.


With the doors open to international holidaymakers and local partygoers, ‘Manoeuvres’ is a destination point for the movers and shakers of the Cavern Quarter. Its identity is built around the ‘Press Play’ message and the goal is to always have those nods to not only the hotel as a former recording studio but also the rich musical history of Liverpool.


OMD’s vibrant cover for Dazzleships was the inspiration behind our boutique’s bar; ensuring that their influence and nods to the OMD story are pulled right through the building.

Private Hire!

Press play at manoeuvres for your event!

Free to hire including weekends (subject to availability)

Available for corporate and private bookings

Packages available to include catering and/or entertainment

Capacity of up to 100 guests at a prime Liverpool city centre venue.

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